Thursday, December 8, 2016

Who Moves?

People may be wondering why is it that I focus so much on the “Tzimtzum”. Truthfully, it’s because it’s the universe’s very earliest and still enduring love story. It’s a record of the first interaction between male and female. Also, it has imprinted every male and female interaction ever since ~ whether cosmic or human.

The way the story is related, the Infinite Light withdrew uniformly in all directions. Concurrently, from a different perspective, the dispersed elements later comprising the cosmic feminine gathered together from the endlessly vast fabric of the Infinite Light.   Once gathered, there was a concentration of these elements which pulled together, tighter and tighter, contracting into a hollow sphere; inhabited by a dense afterglow of the surrounding Infinite Light.  It makes sense to me that due to this “contraction” of cosmic femininity, in English the “Tzimtzum” is often translated as, “the contraction”.

There’s a notion in the theory of relativity that when two objects move closer to or further from each other in non-gravitational space, it is unclear which item moved. Of course in gravity filled space, it is clear who moved. The one who expended energy! However, energy to move is only necessary in zones affected by gravity. In a gravity free zone, moving takes no energy. A ball thrown in space would just keep on going, going and ... No stopping! No refuel!

Under such conditions whose moving and whose stationary can’t be proven. Clearly, at least one object is moving or the distance between them would remain constant. However, which one is moving (or even both) can’t be proven. Either object’s status as stationary or moving blur!

If such relativity of motion applies to physical space, how much more so beyond physical space. So who moved away from whom? Did the Infinite Light withdraw outward from the empty hollow (inhabited by the afterglow) or did the empty hollow withdraw from the Infinite Light by gathering, concentrating and contracting into the cosmic feminine? It’s not really clear.

Though commonly held that the Infinite Light withdrew, it should be equally correct to claim that the cosmic feminine, while forming, did the moving as she consolidated and contracted; like the moon in the Midrashic story diminishing herself. In this scenario, it only appeared from her perspective that the Infinite Light withdrew - as both growth and shrinkage are kinds of motion.

It actually makes more sense to me that it was the material of empty hollow which did the moving; rather than the Infinite Light. Here’s why? As it’s stirred by lack, movement is a function of being finite - not Infinite. The more finite, the more lacking. Therefore, in weighing between the Infinite Light and the empty hollow, it makes sense that the more finite of the two would be the one to be in motion;  i.e. the empty hollow (along with the contained afterglow).



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