Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wake up!

You are already immersed in Oneness.
You don't need to "make it happen".
You just need to remember.

Sounds easy?

Memory has many levels.
Some more awake than others.

The sleepy versions are effortless,
While wakeful versions, effortfull.

One is a mere pinky immersion,
While the other? Well...full bodied!

Which kind do you want?
Ah, which kind wants you!



  1. Comments from Face Book post:

    Jean-Claude: Great

    Choni: Thank you for enjoying and letting me know. :)

    Jean-Claude: I love how your verse encapsulates such depth of heart

    Choni: Thank you my friend, thank you. It took years to get to this realization. Maybe by placing it out there, others can arrive at it sooner; without being unintentionally mislead by certain spiritual literature that it's easy.

    Mordehay: Ur too smart, I actually have to think to keep up lol. Good stuff!

    Choni: Thank you "Yedid Nafshi" for appreciating.

    Liza: Why are we made to forget Choni?

    Choni: Great question Liza! We are made to forget for the purpose of having free choice, which is really another way of saying to have the opportunity to have a much more real relationship with God than we had as unembodied souls.

    Liza: Thank you Rabbi. This is the most complete and well-put answer to my question that I've ever received.

    Choni: My greatest pleasure my friend.

  2. Comments from Liza's share of the post:

    Choni: Thank you my friend for the share. I am truly touched. :)

    Liza: I love your point, "which kind wants you?" since, when our actions meet the intentions of the One, then we are 'chosen'.

    Choni: That reminds me of the story at the opening of the Jewish Medieval classic "Al Kuzari", where King Bulan is met by an angel in a dream and is told that his intentions are pleasing to his Creator, but his actions aren't. He then interviews a Philosopher, a Christian Priest, an Imam and a Rabbi to find the path right for him.