Thursday, June 23, 2016

Space, Time, Soul

You are beyond space.
You have no inside n’ outside.
Yet, You are inside us n' outside us.

You are beyond time.
You have no before n’ after.
Yet, You are our before n' after.

You are beyond soul.
You have no boundaries of Being.
Yet, You are our boundary of being.



  1. From Choni's own FaceBook Posting:

    Gal: Chazak Meod !!! Love it.

    Choni: It relates to the idea of עולם, שנה ונפש as explained in Sefer Yetzira and Oneness of God, as classically explained by the Maimonides, Rabbainu Bachya ibn Pequda and Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. :)

    Gal: I know ;-)

  2. From Gal's repost of Choni's post:

    Choni: Thank you for the share my friend. :)

    Gal: I enjoyed it !!! Share more of your knowledge & connection to Hashem please. I just liked listening to this short clip of "frumkite" a concept I learned about many years ago by Rav Wolbe's sefer, alei shor. You might enjoy. Shavua tov chaver !

    Being "Frum"???
    An excerpt from a Shiur given by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg. For the full Shiur https:…

    Choni: Thank you for sharing this.