Friday, November 8, 2013

The Soul Knows

I recently realized that there's tangible evidence that the soul knows so much more than the conscious mind. There are many bodily processes we undergo involuntarily second to second which must be guided by an intelligence found in the soul. This includes everything from fetal development to digestion and circulation. Yet, the conscious mind has to grope in a university classroom for a glimmer of what's already known by souls since the dawn of creation.

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  1. From FaceBook posting:

    Abigail : That makes me think that it is like... eternally returning... again and again... I feel that way anyways...

    Liza : That too can come more easily than we think, if we go straight through

    Choni : Very true. However, I always wondered about downloading more of the soul's intelligence into the conscious mind.

    Liza : I think that's what you're doing, Choni Elchonon Kihleel!

    Choni : I'm trying Liza. However, I realize that the intelligence on level at which the soul coordinates the body itself might be a lot harder to access than simply a deep psychological revelation or deep inner philosophical notion.