Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Letter to my Daughter

Dearest Daughter,

It was so nice to see you so happy yesterday. I really love and cherish the time we spent together. That tetherball game was really something. Would you believe that I was waiting for those few minutes for hours, literally from the moment we left your camp to meet your brother at his camp. I probably would have played you right there and then, if it was not for that call from his camp director that he didn't have any visitors yet and he was lonely.

It was amazing how beautiful the weather was this visiting day. I was wondering to myself watching the trees, you know God knows every leaf on every tree in the whole wide world. That must make zillions upon zillions of leaves. He knows every molecule and atom in the entire universe. This is a number which probably is so huge that it does not even have a name.

If I tried to learn even 50 leaves, I would get bored very fast. I would find the repetition of information lifeless and grating. So how does God not get bored by endless information, so much of which seems so highly repetitive? Then I thought to myself, you know I can't really answer for God. After all, He's God.

However, just for myself, let's say all these repetitive details were not just isolated details, but, tied together as critical parts of a meaningful story. Wouldn't I look at them differently? Everything to the tiniest detail,  really is part of a story - it's the story of bringing the world into the messianic era and then to the resurrection and then even beyond. If we really knew more of the story and the fascinating role of every detail, then a lot of details we normally gloss over would become much more interesting for us to learn about.



Dad & Mom

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