Thursday, April 11, 2013



Today, I spontaneously caught myself in an interesting thought. I realized that ultimately from the Creator’s perspective there are no “mistakes”. Even when humans slip up and feel they’ve erred, the “erring” was Divinely planned. This is a notion that most spiritually minded people typically take for granted. It comes as no surprise to them that an all-encompassing Divine plan also encompasses and even orchestrates human errors.
However, what less people seem aware of is that even on the human level a true mistake is a very rare event. Freud taught the world about Freudian slips (whose name itself is certainly no Freudian slip). Although Freud does not use the word "soul, his terms “unconscious” or “id” roughly identify regions within ourselves that spiritually minded would normally identify as the soul. Freud saw the verbal slips we tend to make, not as errors, but as our true selves attempting to leak out from behind the confines of social correctness.
In spiritual terms, these slips are caused by the soul seeking to communicate something difficult to say in words.
Recently, a friend accidentally texted me and then apologized for her mistext.  I responded that there are no accidents here. It’s possible that her soul simply wanted to say, “Hello”. Far from feeling disturbed, I was actually flattered.
I am sure that these “slips” not only apply to words, but, to actions as well. Despite our best attempts to clamp down the controls, our inner states shape our words and actions.
Therefore, we might think we are making errors, when from our souls’ perspective; we aren’t making errors at all. The soul is doing her regular job of communicating, even while not waiting around for the body to catch up with her game. The show goes on regardless of whether the body has prepared a stage for her performance.
Taking into consideration that we are created in the Creator’s image, we are patterned after the relationship between Him and the cosmos. He and the cosmos behaved in male and female pattern to conceive and birth us. Just as we are living imprints of an earthly union between two humans, so too, we are living imprints of the the union between the Creator and the cosmos. One union extends from the other. The earthly union is continuous with the comic union. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that just like the Creator is devoid of mistakes, so too, it’s rare for us to make real mistakes.  Like the Creator, we just experience moments where we behave outside the confines of logic.

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