Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anchored in Reality:

This morning I learned how overwhelming fantasy can be. Certainly there's a place for the movies we naturally produce in our heads. However, we can't always escape to the movie theater of the mind and expect our reality to improve. Even though in Biblical prophecy a divine message or vision was projected on a prophet's imaginative faculty, s/he was first very well anchored in reality.

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  1. Facebook Comments that go from the serious to the comical and then a drop back to the serious:

    Angela H: No one believed when the message/vision was first given. It takes a generation, or so, before anyone will listen. Seemingly miracles did not happen "wham bam" but over many years. So miracles happening now will manifest over thousands of years.

    Brenda L. H.:-Hope Imagination is the mother of all invention!

    Angela H.: Imagination leads to reality.

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Like I said,"Certainly there's a place for the movies we naturally produce in our heads." It's just that constantly escaping to them doesn't improve one's realty. It's like living in a movie theater. Einstein is quoted as saying,"Invention is 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration."

    Maribell C.: My life is a movie....oy. I want Meryl Streep to play me

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Maribell C. : Hollywood should pay you for your story - LOL

    Maribell C.: I'd be RICH!!! HA! It'll a comedy for sure. Sorta like a mixture of Brighton Beach Memoirs and Yentl. I can see it now - my name up in Lights.....maybe. HA!

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Yes! You'll be famous. The celebrity world will line up at your door. Your life will expand. You'll do commercials. The movie will also have a paperback. And to think of it that you'll never doubt my loyalty as a friend because I can sincerely claim that I was your friend before all this ever happened to you. Wow!

    Maribell C.: Maybe I'll win an OSCAR The possibilities!!!!

    You're so sweet Choni - If my book launches and Meryl Streep plays me, I'll never change, promise, and we will ALWAYS be family

    Maribell C.: AND I'll make sure everyone I know goes to Israel!!! Ha HA!

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel: Awww...I look forward to that.

    Moshe M. Z. S.: That's not Einstein, that's Thomas Edison. Einstein said imaginatioin is more important than knowledge. And Rebbe Nachman flat out says that one's thoughts and draw into place a reality. If it's G-d's will it will happen.

    Elka L.: the reality of freedom happened only to those who believed Moshe Rabbeinu - the Moshiach of the Generation... the same is true for Geula - Redemption

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel To Moshe M. Z. S. : Thank you for the correction.