Sunday, June 3, 2012

A World of Words

Jewish Mystical teachings inform us that during the messianic era we will no longer sense a world, but, rather the all pervasive presence of our Creator. It will almost feel like there's no world, just His presence. Today, a teacher of mine gave over a gem of a parable to explain this. 

He shared, "Let's say you can't read Chinese. Someone places in front of you a book written in Chinese characters. Since this style of writing is very different to Western eyes, the shapes and details of the characters really grab your attention."

"Now let's say that in time you learned how to read Chinese and have actually become comfortably fluent. Now if you read the same book, you'll barely notice the shapes and details of the characters. Instead, most of you're attention will be occupied by the message being conveyed."

"Similarly, the whole world is just a communication of the Creator's presence that we simply don't yet know how to read. However, the Messiah will one day teach us how to read this divine language. Once, we become fluent readers, the communication of the Creator's presence will occupy our attention spans, overshadowing all the details and forms which constitute our world." 


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