Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soul Space

Today, I was contemplating how social media is redefining our experiences of tribe or community. I have for the very first time became part of a few Facebook groups that really hit the spot for me. I felt like I came home. There is real resonance with the people on these groups from all over the world. We are united by a common deep seated interest in Kabbalah as a means for improving the world we live in and also for our personal spiritual connection. For the very first time, I feel part of a community without borders - a community not formed around a physical space, but, rather formed around a cyber space. These are my new neighbors. This group is my new neighborhood. Here I resonate, I shine. Here I am warmly accepted without judgement. Here I don't have to be perfect. Being truly plain old "me" fits in just fine. I can let my hair down. There's nothing to prove. I just share and allow in the sharing of others.

Then it dawned on me, "Maybe the reason why a cyber-community can replace a geographic one is because community was never about people sharing physical space to begin with. It was all along, about people sharing something else entirely - spiritual space, soul space or more accurately simply their souls. Souls know no borders. One soul is pliable enough to merge into another soul, granting both souls with the feeling that they've enlarged. If lots of people do this (knowingly or not), a true community or tribe is born. Passages between the souls have formed - bonding them together."

Maybe the next step in community development and communication is not cyber based social media, but, rather telepathy - soul talk?


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