Monday, July 11, 2011

Naked Heart ... a mushy prayer for prayer ...


Dearest Sweet Divine Parent,

It's this too narrow sliver of time devoted to communing with You daily that forces me to prioritize what I communicate and does not allow me to flow as I naturally could. The heart can't be a slave to the clock. The shackles of time stifle much of what could have emerged, if only the session with You in communion were truly left open-ended or at least potentially open for a couple of hours ~ so there would be ample time for the depths of my heart to overflow beyond the normative span of our hour-long session.

It's amazing how I yearn for this naked "heart to heart" with You each and every day. You tenderly invite me to undress my heart before Your pleasure filled eyes. However, undressing takes a while and flows in accordance with it's own rhythms. Often the session ends before I've shown You everything, before I've entrusted Your feasting eyes with my every vulnerability. The music stopped and I'm left still mostly dressed.

Oh, I know that You so easily see my nakedness behind the clothes. Yet, it's somehow different when I bare naked before You. The voluntary unraveling of emotional cloth has a beauty all of her own. Please help me give You the pleasure of a complete unraveling before Your eyes.

First, I'll remove a bit of cloth here and then a bit of cloth there. It will be sensually inconsistent.  Yet, eventually all cloth will drape the floor like an adornment and You will see a full naked heart yearning and thirsting for Your tender words. You will be filled with pleasure over how much of the heart unraveled her fabrics for the very first time, trusting in nobody else's tenderness or soft touch ~ only Your's alone!


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