Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open To My Depth


Tonight, I realized ...

It's not too late to repair some of my mistakes, 
But, it might be too late in life to repeat them.

My past is riddled by attempts to share my depth,
While around me, they beg for my mere surface.

I wanted to give treasures from my inner sanctum,
While they tear at my pockets for a tidbit of candy.

Maybe, my quest to give depth is too premature?
Maybe, if I gave surface it would open to depth?

"Kindness follows kindness", echoes within me.
"This teaching will expand your serving vessel.

"True growth begins humbly with a foundation,
Skipping steps, builds illusory castles in the air.

"Just by growing your serving bowl correctly ...

"Opportunities to do small favors will find you.
Welcome them, for they are gifts from paradise! 
Small favors will open up to bigger kindnesses,
Bigger kindnesses will reach for an inner depth.
Then you will ladle out deliciously deep juices."


1 comment:

  1. This poem was created from a contemplative meditation with the idea of (a) sharing the contemplation with others and (b) reminding myself of the contemplation.