Monday, March 1, 2010

Purim Miracle

I have an interesting personal story to share:

As with many words in Hebrew there is not an exact translation for the word "emuna" in English. However, the Hebrew word "emuna" (pronounced eh-mu-nah) roughly translates into English as "faith". Probably, the main reason why "faith" is only an approximate translation is because "emuna" connotes a knowing that is beyond intellect, but emerges from being deeply in contact with one's own soul. This inner soul contact can also act as an inner fountain flowing creative ideas.

By contrast, the English word faith can mean ideas which are superimposed on a person by an outside source.

I owned a very well written book called, "The Garden of Emuna" by Rabbi Shalom Arush. When it was gifted to me a few years back, I was busy working on other areas of my spiritual growth. However, I loved the idea of owning this very special book and set it aside for future reading.

A couple of months ago, my beloved Aunt had recently become an owner of a copy of this book. She shared with me her joys over what she read in sweetly glowing terms.

Feeling inspired to at least locate my own copy, I examined all likely "book spots" around my house. However, it seemed like it must have been misplaced. I prayed as I looked, but, the book hadn't turned up. So I simply let go.

I was scheduled this Purim night (Saturday night, February 27, 2010) to lodge at my brother's house in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York for a holiday visit. The snow in Brooklyn was unseasonably high and with so much of the curb side snowed over, finding parking was not expected to be easy. Despite my concerns, to my own surprise, a perfect parking spot emerged into view located conveniently around the corner from my brother's house.

I pointed it out to my family, but, because of the late hour it seemed only appropriate to provide my family with door to door service. So I passed up the spot. After my family was comfortably settled in, I resumed my search for parking. Turning the corner revealed that the parking spot was still waiting for me.

After pulling in, I got out of the car and laying on the snow in the nearby gutter was a copy of "The Garden of Emuna" in perfect condition. My heart danced as I lovingly picked it up and wiped off some surface moisture on the cover with my gloves and coat.

Then I searched to see whether anyone left his or her name in the book. Finding no identifying mark, it was seemed to me that the Creator had probably intended the book for me. Perhaps, I was being given a Purim gift, in the form of a message and a tool, to begin a new phase of further growth in the area of "emuna".

For those who are interested in learning more about the book, "The Garden of Emuna", you can click on the following link:


  1. What a beautiful and touching story. I've found God works in ways you've described.

  2. I just searched the internet to learn more of emuna and also the book "The Garden of Emuna". (Btw, you're link provides a cheaper price)! I'm interested in books of this kind, but I don't think everyone can, at will,have faith or can visualize what will be. I believe faith is given us when we're ready. A long time ago, I realized I was lacking in this department, and asked God to give me faith. Our Creator handed down faith that shot directly into my heart. Faith was/is a real tangible substance although it can't be seen. Now miracles, as you described, happen.

    I think I'd love to read the book and will order. My heart is still rejoicing at your experience.

  3. Thank you Angela for sharing your personal experience with faith. You've certainly given me some very valuable and interesting food for thought.

    Also, thank you for the feedback on the link. I think it's possibly cheapest because it's the author's own website.

  4. That's a great, inspiring story! My oldest daughter called me from Israel to learn on the phone, and she was reading from a book with Emunah in the title. It's possible that it was the same book. It's interesting that things we lose sometimes find their way back to us, with the help of Hashem!
    Amy S

  5. Probably this means that they were meant to be ours all along. It's also amazing to me that you were learning the same topic (or possibly the same book)with your daughter. There are no coincidences. Possibly, at this time the Creator Himself is promoting the topic of Emuna.

  6. Since my Beloved Aunt prefers not to use the internet, she sent her comment via standard mail. The following is a slightly adapted version of what she wrote:

    "The Emuna Book Story is incredible! Wow! It was definitely true emuna! You did so beautiful by helping your family first! Then the Creator rewarded you!"

    "We do our best - God does the rest!"

    Miss you,

    Aunt ...