Wednesday, October 26, 2016

From Soul to Sole

There was a woman,
 I loved from soul to sole.

Her spirit shined,
As the high noon sun.

Her hair radiated,
Reddish golden rays.

As the sun's orbit,
She traveled the world.

She could speak of,
Cultures beneath her gaze.

She understood,
Language within language;

Utterances of mind,
 Shadowed by mouth.

She moved me with,
Her song within songs.

I yearned for my days,
To be spent by her fire;

Being endlessly warmed,
In full spectrumed joyous exchange.

Alas, she didn't want me,
I still don't fully know why.

I implored n' begged,
"Who will love you soul to sole?"

Businesslike silence.

I still know not her answer,
Even if I did, it can't satisfy me.

I only take satisfaction,
That this was God's kind plan;

Along the forested path,
To discover my destined one.


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