Thursday, January 8, 2015

White Petaled Rose

Let’s sip coffee in my heart’s inner sanctum,
While I tell you all about my white petaled rose.

Her nubile petals are so soft to touch,
That they evoke envy in the finest silks.

They are layered and enfolded, enticingly pure.
They are nectared, scented and seeded with her song.

Her spirit gently wafts in a lulling soft voice.
My heart is aroused to blend with her’s.

My heart wonders, “How seamless the blend?”
Spectrum’s vast, for she’s so new and yet so ancient.

I knew her a quarter of a century ago,
When she was enthorned - out of reach.

Today, she’s enthroned on a bush within reach,
Only ‘cause we’re timelessly souled  in each other.

I wonder at the light lurking from behind her petals.
There’s a suggestion of inviting warmth - home at last.

I’ve already entered two flowers, met lairs of bees.
But the light of her’s assures me an exclusive nest.

At the threshold we amused each other with story telling.
How I long to enter and satisfy my thirst for story meaning.

I tell myself, “I’d rather be satisfied than amused.”
But her layers endlessly unravel, petals beyond petals.

Yesterday’s satisfaction is today’s mere amusement.
She’ll always be my white rose, her core just beyond.

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  1. Comments from FaceBook posting:

    Wendy: Dude that's deep! Very awesome!

    Choni: Inspiration can really takeover.

    Wendy: That is so true!

    Avraham: Does the rose have a name...?

    Choni: Ah my friend, you want to know mysteries. Revealing mysteries saps the allure.

    Wendy: Her name is Rose
    January 8 at 5:15pm · Like · 1

    Choni: Best to leave mystery alone. Tinkering with it, dulls it's magical enchantment.

    Wendy: Good point! Lol

    Choni: I am a person of mystery. Those who know me, don't. I bear many secrets in the guise of revelation. What I give is a direct result of what I hide.

    Andrea: Love the mystery!!!!

    Batya: So beautiful Choni
    January 9 at 11:50pm · Unlike · 2

    Choni: Thank you Batya & Andrea for appreciating this poem. I meditated right through me. Shavuah Tov.

    Andrea: Such Beauty only a true Rose would know
    January 10 at 9:48pm · Unlike · 2

    Andrea Denise Turquoise Taubman
    January 10 at 9:48pm · Unlike · 2

    Andrea Denise Turquoise Taubman Any other might not smell as sweet
    January 10 at 9:49pm · Unlike · 2

    Choni Elchonon Kihleel True.
    January 10 at 9:49pm · Like · 1

    Andrea: My Mother is also sweet Rosalie, Rose, Shoshana Esther,

    Choni: So please share with her this poem. I am sure she'll enjoy it.

    Andrea: I will call her now

    Andrea: Thank you so much! ♡

    Choni: With pleasure.